Women: Embrace yourself

October 06, 2016

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics. Don’t know for sure who wrote it, but I have always loved it.

Statistics can be used by anyone to say just about anything about everyone and everything.

But one figure which has popped up of late and which I don’t think you can argue with, whichever way you try and spin the numbers, is that 91 per cent of Australian women are not happy with their bodies.

The number seemed ridiculously high.

Until, laughing at its arrant absurdity, I ran it around the Riv office.

Where it immediately leapt to 100 per cent.

And every respondent to my straw poll was clearly quite serious, and became quite angry when I started to question the honesty of the answer.

Women, it seems, are in search of something that nature, genetics, their own lifestyle and exercise and diet, have not given them.

Which is what prompted film-maker Tarryn Brumfitt, who eventually squeezed herself into the happy nine per cent, to realise a screaming need for an opportunity to help women realise what they have been blessed/cursed with liis nowhere near as bad as they think.

After pounding her soft, rounded body into a sculpted, muscled physique for competition, Brumfitt realised she was much happier when she was much softer, more rounded and not worried about what other people may or may not see in her.

And the story might have ended there but for a few posts on Facebook where she showed the transformation from bronzed goddess to blowsy babe – and declared her love for the latter.

As they are wont to say in modern speak, her posts went viral.

Women looking for someone to step up to the microphone and take the hit on their collective behalf, mostly because they were too self-conscious to do it themselves.

Which Brumfitt quickly grasped and believed she could do something about it – and did.

Embrace, her movie, has swept across the Western world and is arriving in Echuca-Moama on Thursday, October 27.

Brought here by Moama Bowling Club and the Riverine Herald, with journalist Sophie Baldwin the driving force behind the campaign, the movie will be shown free to students at a matinee and at $10 a ticket for adults that evening.

Every cent received will go direct to The Butterfly Foundation, which works with people suffering from eating disorders.

Embrace has been described as life changing by people who have worked on it, been in it and seen it.

If you think you are in that damned 91 per cent, or are hovering close to it, this is a movie you, your daughters, your sisters, your mothers and your friends should see.

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