Sisters unite in their new life

October 26, 2016

Kylie Lyons and Meg Dye have lost 86kgs between them

The story of Meg Dye and Kylie Lyons weight loss is not just about the amount of weight the sisters have lost, although at a staggering 86kg between them it is rather significant, but more about the quality of life they are now experiencing.

Meg, who has had a lifelong love of netball won the Heathcote and District Football Netball Club A reserve best and fairest this year – a feat she would never have been able to achieve had she remained caught in her previous weight and mindset.

Kylie has gone onto run her first 5km race with plans to increase that to 10km.

The girls have embraced their new lifestyle not just because of the weight they have lost but because of the way they now feel and the energy they have.

For younger sister Meg the inspiration to change her life came with her approaching 21st.

She said the fear of finding something nice to wear was the kick start she needed.

“I started to really put weight on around year 8. I would come home from school, sit on the couch and just eat,’’ Meg said.

‘‘I didn’t do much exercise and the more weight I put on the less I felt like moving.

‘‘I was caught up in an awful cycle, I think when I was in year 12 I was probably at my all time heaviest weight ,” she said.

To launch her on the road to health Meg completed a detox program, along with healthy eating and exercise, losing 10kg in the 10 weeks before her 21st.

“People started commenting on my weight loss, which provided motivation. My determination kicked in and then I started working and training even harder.”

Meg chose to eat a balanced diet with lots of vegetables, turning to chicken and eggs for protein.

“I used to pile up my plate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I still eat but a lot more moderately compared to what I used to.

“I really wanted to play the best netball I could and this year winning both my club and league best and fairest has felt like a reward for all my hard work.

‘‘Some days it wasn’t easy but I always had a goal in the back of mind and it feels awesome to have achieved it.”

In fact Meg has been so inspired by her weight loss that she would like to help others in the future.

‘‘I would love to be able to help and motivate people particularly school kids who are looking for some change and that is something I am looking at doing in the future.”

For Kylie it was a not dissimilar story.

“I was also looking for something to wear to Meg’s 21st but because of my size all I could find was old fashioned clothes. I was in my 30s but I felt like I was dressing in my 50s,” Kylie said.

Kylie cut bread, butter and potato out of her diet and began walking for half an hour on her treadmill, morning and night.

“I didn’t want anyone to see me but after the first week I lost 3.5kg without drastically changing too much.

‘‘Gradually I began to pick up speed on the treadmill and as my fitness increased I started doing some personal training sessions and last year I ran my first 5km event in the Sweat versus Steam and I will do that again this year.”

Kylie has also made a return to the netball court, 21 years after she played her last game.

“It is pretty hard to put into words how much my life has changed, but it has and it certainly is for the better.

‘‘A rest day used to be spent on the couch watching movies and eating, today a rest day for me includes at least a walk.

Not only does Kylie have more energy, she feels so much better in herself and she just looks at life from a different perspective.

‘‘I have never seem myself as anything other than who I am, but my health was starting to be affected and now I am motivated and I can do anything I put my mind to.’’

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